BamBams AS - Heavyweight

ANIMAL STRIPE BamBams for BAMbinos & BAMbinas!

Designed with room for disposable or cloth nappies, offering maximum space for sitting, crawling, walking, running… and everything in between, these BamBams are lightweight, breathable and super-soft. Each piece will continue to soften further with each wash.

+ Double layer, loose weave, heavyweight cotton
+ Stretch rayon waist and ankle bands
+ Avail. in 4 colours
+ Avail. in 3 sizes: S/M (6-12mo), M/L (12-24mo) & L/XL (3yr)

Each piece is individually dyed by hand; any differences in print are part of their uniqueness


A tip from NACIDO: Can’t get enough of our lightweight BamBams? Our heavyweight BamBams are the year-round answer for BAMbinos and BAMbinas!

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